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Great Lawyer, Wouldn’t Let Us Give Up. Positive Attitude

Marie was on top of things. She returned all our calls within 24 hrs. If she didn’t have the answer right away, she found it. She moved on things quickly too. If she thought something needed attention, she made sure it was addressed to the proper people. We are very happy that she agreed to be our attorney.

Wendy, Client

Wouldn’t have wanted any other Lawyer than Philip!

Philip Masorti went above and beyond in our son’s case. We felt 100% comfortable with his handling and knowledge of the case. He made my son feel comfortable and was always positive. His staff is also great to work with. He was very organized and ready for battle. That’s what we needed and we got it with Philip. I highly recommend him.

Cheryl, Client
Philip Masorti

Highly Recommended

Marie has only been the 3rd attorney I have ever dealt with, but by far the best. She has always returned my calls, listened to my concerns and didn’t give me any false high hopes. She is a straight shooter.

Chris, Client

Great Guy, Great Results!

Phil is a great guy to work with. I was accused of theft. Phil explained everything and answered all of my questions in regards to the charges and preliminary hearing since this was all new to me. We spoke about what the possible outcomes could be and he steered me in the right direction on how he thought we should proceed at the preliminary hearing in order to get the results I wanted. Phil was able to get the charges dropped at the preliminary hearing. If you need an lawyer who will do all he can to get the results you want, Phil is your guy.

Dustin, Client
Philip Masorti

Top Notch Highly Respected Lawyer in Centre County

Marie handled our Child Custody Case. She was very attentive to our case and always available or returned emails/phone calls efficiently. She was a tough lawyer in the court room and is a very highly respected attorney in the State College Area.

Anonymous, Client

Great Criminal Defense!

Philip Masorti did great work for us. Before I retained him, I had spoken with a number of attorneys. Most all of them priced far above my family’s budget. When I got Phil on the phone and he heard the particulars of my husband’s case, I immediately heard enthusiasm and zeal in his voice. Attorney Masorti was sympathetic to the fact that we were in need of a kick butt lawyer, but are a working class family. I was floored when he quoted me a price that was well within our reach. He fought hard for my husband and he received a pleasing outcome. If Attorney Masorti hadn’t represented him, our family would be in a bad way for quite some time. Because of him, my husband has a second chance.

Anonymous, Client
Philip Masorti

Excellent Attorney!!

Marie is an excellent attorney who not only listens to her client but she is also an attorney who understands the needs of her client and fulfills them to the very best of her ability. Her abilities as an attorney are flawless and relentless as she is fighting on your behalf for what is fair and what is right for the client’s best interest. She will not put you on a shelf and get to you when the time is right for her because she understands the need for a quick but yet firm and just outcome. Marie also does not hesitate to call you personally to give you any kind of advice or information about your case, you are not left out in the cold wondering what is going on or what is happening. When I finally reached out to Attorney Sullivan for help, everything rapidly came to order and my case and life were finally moving forward. I’m very thankful that you were there for me Marie.

Frank, Client

The Quality of a Fighter

I retained Phil for a criminal matter in Centre County Pennsylvania – no doubt one of the most difficult jurisdictions to try a case. Upon meeting Phil, I was impressed with two things immediately: the Confidence he exuded and his Preparedness. He found and presented even more defenses as I recounted the events surrounding my arrest and incarceration. At Pre-Trial Hearings, he was suitably aggressive and respectful in his examinations. In the two weeks following the Pre-Trial Hearing and cross-examination of State Police Officers, the Assistant District Attorney made, not one, but TWO Plea Offers, both, considerably less than the one that my previous representation suggested that I accept, and one lower than the other. Today, I am back at home with my family, back at work, and very much thankful, and impressed with the representation of Philip M. Masorti, Esquire. The result obtained in my case was not easily come by, and it is only a skilled, knowledgeable, tactful, and fearless Attorney who can gain such a result for a client, and in Philip Masorti, Esquire, I found that quality. The quality of a fighter.

Daniel, Client
Philip Masorti

A Separation/Divorce Case

When I first consulted with Marie, she put everything out on the table as to what I could expect to happen with my separation/divorce. She is extremely knowledgeable in this area. She went the extra mile so I came out of this with both feet on the ground running and not looking back. Although my case was easier than most, I would not hesitate to call her again. THANKS MARIE

Mike, Client

DUI Suppression Win

In September of 2014, I was pulled over by a local officer stating that I may have been going too fast and then the officer attempted to arrest me for DUI. So with the advice of some friends they referred me to Philip Masorti. He took on my case and went directly at it with everything he had. The time and dedication that he had put into my case was awesome. In November 2014, we went to our first hearing and at the last minute the local DA added a red light violation. The officers arrest affidavit had stated that I went through a yellow light. I watched Phil, at my suppression hearing, do what he does best. He didn’t stop and he didn’t back down for anything. At the beginning of July, I found out that the evidence in my case had been suppressed and that we had won. I would recommend Philip Masorti to any person needing help with the justice system. He is the right man to do it, the right man to help anybody in need.

Jason, Client
Philip Masorti

What a Lawyer Should Be

Marie Sullivan is lawyer of incredible professionalism and effectiveness who does her utmost to defend the interests of her clients. Marie gave me comfort and confidence in the ultimate outcome in my case. She did this by exhibiting a deep grasp of the legal issues at hand, confidence and poise in the courtroom, and sensitivity to my own feelings regarding my case. The custody dispute I was in was extremely contentious and there was a great deal of uncertainty regarding whether I could achieve the goals I had intended regarding how the relationship with my children would be structured. Marie never let my confidence in my goals being achieved waver. She kept me abreast of the legal issues at hand, was a skilled negotiator with my ex-wife and her lawyer. She was meticulously prepared, confident, and effective beyond my wildest expectations in the courtroom.
I highly recommend the services of Marie Sullivan in any case revolving around family law. She is exactly what you are looking for when life circumstances require the services of a lawyer.

Rick, Client

I would definitely recommend Philip Masorti to the masses.

My family and I are thoroughly pleased with the representation my husband received from Attorney Masorti. Getting in contact with Philip was seldom difficult as we were given his personal cell in addition to his office phone number. In my humble opinion, Philip Masorti is a caring person… a father, a husband, a human being before he is a lawyer, and we were treated that way. Our case was not just a dollar amount to him, or a file on his desk. He genuinely wanted us to have good results and was willing to fight tooth and nail to get it. He did not throw in the towel when the opposition refused to bend; rather, turned up the heat and applied more pressure. It certainly was our pleasure to have him in our corner as our legal counsel, and we would definitely recommend Philip Masorti to the masses.

Schless, Client
Philip Masorti